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FloodedLast info was the club was still flooded In park8ng lot All Day
Road floodedRoad flooded if you have any updates please call 6036542590 and leave a message Thanks BOD All Day
Road Flooded Road is flooded ranges closed if you see anything different please call 6030654-2590 and leave a message on club phone Thanks BODAll Day
Club closedBeaver problem at dam is causing flooding not on pmfg property All Day
Club Flooded due to dam beaver problem closedClub closed due to flooding from beaver problem at DAMAll Day
Club Flooded Club Flooded All Day
Club Flooded-Flooding caused by beaver problem at DAMBeing worked on but it will take time All Day
Club flooded closedClub flooded closedAll Day
Club parking lot and gate flooded closedClub flooded closed If you go there call the club phone and report what you see please 603 654 2590 Water level in parking lot is higher and more rain comingAll Day
Meeting cancelled due tob floodMEETING CANCELLED Starts @ 08:00pm
Club closed Water has not receded as of Monday and rain thru Tuesday Water level has risen again monday night And is deep at parking area more rain Tuesday 03:30am - 04:00am
Flood at club due to beavers at state damAt this point consider the club closed Until it says open on the website and phone The flooding is not going down to date Thanks BOD per standing rule #3
Club is closed due to floodingThe road is still closed Please if there is a large puddle At the gate dont drive thru You can park and walk in to see the Large pond in the parking lot Driving thru large puddles damages tje Road and costs more money Thanks BOD All Day
Club Closed due to flooding The road is closed for now water is coming into parking lot from the pond and the swamp So that’s why it has not drained REMINDER Do Not Drive Thru Big Puddles On Road It tears up the road and will make things worse That includes the front lawn also no vehicles on front lawn You are leaving big ruts in the grass BODAll Day
Club Closed due to flooding You can park at the gate and walk in To see the new pond Property was inspected And road still closed Both culverts were also clogged By beavers but now somewhat cleared so water is flowing out of pond Please dont drive thru any large puddles It damages the road Thanks BOD03:00am - 03:00am
Club Closed due to Flooding Club Closed due to Flooding call 603 654 2590 or check website for updates Parking lot still flooded 03:00am - 03:00am
Club and ranges closed Front gate Flooded and locked Club and ranges are closed due to flood It is being worked on but the weather has to get better You cannot drive in or walk past the culvert in the road at this time due to flood neither can EMS so RANGES ARE CLOSED no walking in to ranges PleaseAll Day
Club and Ranges closed due to floodClub and ranges closed due to flood water level has risen approx 9 inches since Sat Starts @ 03:30am
Club and ranges closed due to flooding Club and ranges closed due to flooding PLEASE DO NOT DRIVE THRU PUDDLES NEAR GATE IT COSTS THE CLUB MONEY All Day
More Rain Coming Club and Ranges closed Club and Ranges closed Al menard was there this AM and verified parking lot still under more water BOD will meet soon to discuss but the amount of rain is the real problem.All Day
Club Closed due to floodingThe club was checked Fri but it is still flooded so the club is closed. PLEASE DONT DRIVE INTO ANY PUDDLES JUST PARK IN A DRY AREA AT THE GATE THE GATE IS CLOSED AT THIS TIME All Day
Club Closed due to floodingJeff did a fantastic job cleaning the culverts but the beavers got pissed and clogged them again but the water is receding so thats good news If you go there clean out the culvert If reqd rake is next to it More hands make for easier workAll Day
MATCH CANCELLED Club and ranges closedField flooded, hopefully we'll be dried out for the 30th Club and ranges closedAll Day
Club flooded ranges and club closedThe water is receding but the parking lot is still full of water The good news is the water has stopped flowing from the pond and the culverts are flowing The bank near the culverts has partially collapsed so please have 2 people if ypu try to clean the in case somebody falls in Thanks BODAll Day
Club Closed due to flooding Club Closed due to flooding All Day
Club is openAll Day
Club OpenRanges are open FLASH FLOOD WARNING TODAY 03:00am - 03:00am
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NRA SANCTIONED MATCHSanctioned High Power Match 300 yards $20 Fee All are welcome Contact John Liska if interested 603-673-897508:00am - 02:00pm
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