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RENEWALSWORK RECEIPTS REQUIRED FOR RENEWALS Please include a work receipt with your renewal as very few people came to work partys.Thanks BOD All DayAll Day
What can I Do for work HoursWaterseal Fence,Stain uprights at lawn mower shed-Supplies in Club House Downstairs Clean Bathrooms,Wash all the GlassDishes in the Kitchen closetand put back.Clean shelves in Kitchen closet and cabinets in Kitchen, Check Refridgerator for expired food. wash floors-Empty Trash at all ranges Trim Brush along driveway All Day
NEED PERSON TO RUN FOR TREASURERJohn is not running this year Please contact Kip if you want to runAll Day
NEED ON CALL VOLUNTEERSThere are times when we need an escort for contractors during the week. Usually it is a couple of hours or less but we need a member escort. You will usually get a lot of notice before you have to be there Any volunteers please contact the Secretary 02:00am - 02:00am
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Trap ShootingALL Welcome $3.50/RD05:00pm - 11:00am
Renewal forms all mailedIf you don't receive a renewal form please pick it up in clubhouse lower level or onlineAll Day
Job Opportunity's at Barry Conservation Camp 4-HPlease check for information on available JobsAll Day
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Regular Meeting No Dinner Limited seating per 6' rule and downstairs is CLOSED Please enter thru front door of clubhouseStarts @ 08:00pm
Trap ShootingALL Welcome $3.50/RD5pm
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Trap ShootingALL Welcome $3.50/RDStarts @ 05:00pm
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BOD MeetingMeeting starts at 7pm covid rules applyStarts @ 07:00pm
Trap ShootingALL Welcome $3.50/RD NOTICE Trap is changing to Sundays at 10am on Nov 1 2020Starts @ 05:00pm
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