Pinnacle Mountain Fish & Game Club, Inc. Application for Membership

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    Do you belong to the NRA?   
  If you answered "No" to either of above, please explain:
    Other affiliations such as "GONH"?
All applications must be sponsored by a current Club member with at least 3 years of membership.
Note: This requirement may be waived by the Board of Directors.
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Sponsor`s Information [Please sign and date your answers on the back of this application]:
  How long you have known the applicant, and how did you become acquainted?
  Why do you believe the applicant would be a good member?

  All applications must have at least two references
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Applicant: Please sign the statement below. At some point in the application process, the applicant must pay a $50.00 Initiation Fee, plus $30.00 for a single membership and $50.00 for a Family Membership. Applicants must be range qualified by the Club`s Range Officer and will be contacted to attend a range qualification session. Afterward, applicants will be notified of the time and date of when the Board of Directors will be conducting membership interviews.
  I hereby certify my willingness and ability to abide by the provisions of the bylaws of this club, and to observe all safety rules if accepted as a member.

Applicant`s Signature: ___________________________ Date: __________
The membership application process is described in detail in the Club`s publication "How to Apply for Membership", which is available at the Clubhouse on the last Monday of each month at 7:00 pm or via the Internet at:

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